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*query with set parser function
|has set test 1=Example 1;Example 2;Example 3;Example 4|+sep=;
|has set test 2=More examples
|has set test 3=12+22+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10|+sep=+
|has set test 4=In between example
|has set test 5=123,1234,12345,|+sep=
|has set test 6=One,or,two,more,examples|+sep
|has set test 6=Last example
|has set test 7=Pipe1|Pipe2|Pipe3
*Query with arraymap
{{#arraymap:{{#ask:[[-IsImplementationOf::TIMER model]]|sep=;|link=none}}

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  • query with set parser function

  • Query with arraymap

Emissions/Data uncertainties limitations
Emissions/Policy issues
Baseline figure Emissions
Flowchart Emissions
Formula1 Emissions
Icon E
Policy intervention figure Emissions

Energy conversion
Energy conversion/Data uncertainties limitations
Energy conversion/Description
Energy conversion/Policy issues
Energy conversion/References
Baseline figure Energy conversion
Flowchart Energy conversion
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Policy intervention figure Energy conversion

Energy demand
Energy demand/Data uncertainties limitations
Energy demand/Description
Energy demand/Policy issues
Energy demand/References
Baseline figure Energy demand
Flowchart Energy demand
Formula1 Energy demand
Formula2 Energy demand
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Policy intervention figure Energy demand

Energy supply
Energy supply/Data uncertainties limitations
Energy supply/Description
Energy supply/Policy issues
Energy supply/References
Baseline figure Energy supply
Flowchart Energy supply
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Policy intervention figure Energy supply

Energy supply and demand
Energy supply and demand/References
Figure2 IMAGE framework summary
Flowchart Energy supply and demand
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