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Emissions/Data uncertainties limitations
Emissions/Policy issues
Baseline figure Emissions
Flowchart Emissions
Formula1 Emissions
Icon E
Policy intervention figure Emissions

Energy conversion
Energy conversion/Data uncertainties limitations
Energy conversion/Description
Energy conversion/Policy issues
Energy conversion/References
Baseline figure Energy conversion
Flowchart Energy conversion
Icon EC
Policy intervention figure Energy conversion

Energy demand
Energy demand/Data uncertainties limitations
Energy demand/Description
Energy demand/Policy issues
Energy demand/References
Baseline figure Energy demand
Flowchart Energy demand
Formula1 Energy demand
Formula2 Energy demand
Icon ED
Policy intervention figure Energy demand

Energy supply
Energy supply/Data uncertainties limitations
Energy supply/Description
Energy supply/Policy issues
Energy supply/References
Baseline figure Energy supply
Flowchart Energy supply
Icon ES
Policy intervention figure Energy supply

Energy supply and demand
Energy supply and demand/References
Figure2 IMAGE framework summary
Flowchart Energy supply and demand
Icon ESD

Agricultural economyMAGNET model
Aquatic biodiversityGLOBIO model
Atmospheric composition and climateMAGICC model
Carbon cycle and natural vegetationLPJmL model
Climate policyFAIR model
Crops and grassLPJmL model
Ecosystem servicesGLOBIO model
EmissionsTIMER model
IMAGE land management model
Energy conversionTIMER model
Energy demandTIMER model
Energy supplyTIMER model
Energy supply and demandTIMER model
Flood risksGLOFRIS model
Forest managementIMAGE land management model
Human developmentGISMO model
Land cover and land useIMAGE land management model
Land degradationGLOBIO model
Land-use allocationCLUMondo model
IMAGE land management model
Livestock systemsIMAGE land management model
NutrientsIMAGE land management model
Terrestrial biodiversityGLOBIO model
WaterLPJmL model