CEDS database

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Subject: Historical emissions database for greenhouse gases and pollutants.

The CEDS project is building a data-driven, open source framework that will produce annually updated emission estimates for research and analysis.

The data system produces emission estimates by country, sector, and fuel with the following characteristics: ◾Annual estimates of anthropogenic emissions (not including open burning) to latest full calendar year over the entire industrial era. Readily updated every year. ◾Emission species: aerosol (BC, OC) and aerosol precursor and reactive compounds (SO2, NOx, NH3, CH4, CO, NMVOC) and CO2 (as reference) ◾State/province spatial detail for large countries – in progress ◾Seasonal cycle (monthly) and aggregate NMVOCs by sector/sub-sector ◾Gridded emissions (up to 0.1°) w/ sub-national resolution for large countries

◾Uncertainty estimated at the same level (country, fuel, sector) – in progress
Relation with IMAGE framework: core model
Implements: Air pollution and energy policies
Developed by: PNNL, University of Maryland
External link: http://www.globalchange.umd.edu/ceds/
References: Hoesly et al., 2018

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