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Graphical dataflow overview of drivercomponents.

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Adaptation levelClimate policyAir pollution policyEnergy conversionAnimal productivityLivestock systemsBiofuel policyAgricultural economyBuilt-up area - gridLand cover and land useCapital supplyClimate targetDomestic climate policyEnergy efficiency technologyEnergy demandEnergy intensity parametersEnergy policyEnergy resourcesEnergy supplyEnergy supply and demandEquity principlesFeed conversionFertiliser use efficiencyNutrientsForest plantation demandForest managementFraction of selective loggingGDP per capitaEmissionsHuman developmentGDP per capita - gridEcosystem servicesFlood risksGINI coefficientHarvest efficiencyIncrease in irrigated area - gridLand-use allocationLabour supplyLearning rateLifestyle parametersLivestock rationsManure spreading fractionPopulationPopulation - gridPreferencesPrivate consumptionProduction system mixProtected area - gridTerrestrial biodiversitySector value addedTaxes and other additional costsTechnological change (crops and livestocks)Technology development of energy conversionTechnology development of energy supplyTimber demandTrade policyTrade restrictionUrban population fractionThis is a graph with borders and nodes that may contain hyperlinks.
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