Dataflow overview - interaction components

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Graphical dataflow overview of interaction components.

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BC OC and NOx emissionsEmissionsCO and NMVOC emissionsCO2 emission from energy and industryNitrogen deposition - gridNon-CO2 GHG emissions (CH4 N2O and Halocarbons)SO2 emissionsAnimal stocksEmission abatementLand cover land use - gridEnergy and industry activity levelFeed crop requirementGDP per capitaLand cover and land useLand supplyLand supply for bioenergy - gridPotential natural vegetation - gridCrop fraction in agricultural area - gridBioenergy areaExtensive grassland area - gridIntensive grassland areaManagement intensity cropsManagement intensity livestockIrrigation water withdrawal - gridWater withdrawal other sectors - gridForest management type - gridChange in soil properties - gridCarbon pools in soil and timber - gridCarbon pools in vegetation - gridNPP (net primary production) - gridMSA (mean species abundance) - gridRegrowth forest area - gridAgricultural area - gridProtected area - gridDegraded forest areaHarvested woodAnimal stockBuilt-up area - gridThis is a graph with borders and nodes that may contain hyperlinks.
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