Dataflow overview - pressure components

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Graphical dataflow overview of pressure components.

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Agricultural area - gridLand-use allocationBioenergy areaCrop fraction in agricultural area - gridExtensive grassland area - gridIntensive grassland areaLand suitability - gridLand systems - gridAgricultural economyCommodity priceCrop productionDemand (all commodities)Food availability per capitaLivestock productionManagement intensity cropsManagement intensity livestockTrade (all commodities)PopulationEnergy demandGDP per capitaCapital supplyLabour supplyTrade policyBiofuel policyLand supplyPotential crop and grass yield - gridTechnological change (crops and livestocks)Animal stocksLivestock systemsFeed crop requirementGrass requirementBioenergy productionEnergy supplyCarbon storage priceEnergy and industry activity levelEnergy security indicatorsMarginal abatement costPrimary energy priceTotal primary energy supplyEnergy supply and demandCO2 storedEnergy conversionDemand for primary energyElectricity priceDegraded forest areaForest managementForest management type - gridForest residuesHarvested woodRegrowth forest area - gridTimber use fractionDemand for electricity heat and hydrogenDemand for fossil fuels and bioenergyDemand traditional biomassPeople dependent on solid fuelCarbon priceEnergy policyAir pollution policyTechnology development of energy conversionSector value addedPrivate consumptionEnergy intensity parametersEnergy efficiency technologyLifestyle parametersTaxes and other additional costsPreferencesEnergy resourcesTechnology development of energy supplyTrade restrictionLand supply for bioenergy - gridPotential bioenergy yield - gridLearning rateLand cover land use - gridForest plantation demandCarbon pools in vegetation - gridHarvest efficiencyTimber demandFraction of selective loggingIncrease in irrigated area - gridProtected area - gridPopulation - gridRiver discharge - gridProduction system mixFeed conversionLivestock rationsAnimal productivityThis is a graph with borders and nodes that may contain hyperlinks.
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