Eco goods and services (NB)

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Interpretation of theme:
Is item of theme: Nature and biodiversity

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Eco goods and services (NB) associations

Policy themes are used to classify Key policy issues and policy interventions. The tables below contain the issues and interventions associated with theme item Eco goods and services (NB).

Associated Key policy issues and their components

Ecosystem services How would ecosystem services and the benefits from the natural environment develop in the absence of specific policies?
Ecosystem services How could policy interventions contribute to improving future ecosystem services?
Ecosystem services How could policy interventions influence the interaction between ecosystem services and other goals and ambitions, such as the millennium development goals?
Forest management How can management influence forest capacity to meet future demand for wood and other ecosystem services?

Associated policy interventions, their components and the affected components

Policy interventionDescriptionImplemented inAffects component
Enlarge protected areas Increase in areas with protected status, as well the size of the areas as the numer of parks.
Implementation of biofuel targets Policies to enhance the use of biofuels, especially in the transport sector. In the Agricultural economy component only 'first generation' crops are taken into account. The policy is implemented as a budget-neutral policy from government perspective, e.g. a subsidy is implemented to achieve a certain share of biofuels in fuel production and an end-user tax is applied to counterfinance the implemented subsidy.