Forestry (Land use)

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Interpretation of theme:
Is item of theme: Land use

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Forestry (Land use) associations

Policy themes are used to classify Key policy issues and policy interventions. The tables below contain the issues and interventions associated with theme item Forestry (Land use).

Associated Key policy issues and their components

Forest management What are the prospects for more sustainable forest management and the role of production in dedicated forest plantations?
Forest management How can management influence forest capacity to meet future demand for wood and other ecosystem services?
Forest management What are the implications of forest management for pristine and managed forest areas, and on biomass and carbon stocks and fluxes of relevance for climate policy?
Land-use allocation How will land-use regulation, such as protected areas and REDD schemes, affect future land use and the impacts of land-use change?

Associated policy interventions, their components and the affected components

Policy interventionDescriptionImplemented inAffects component
Expanding Reduced Impact Logging Increasing the share of produced wood yielded with Reduced Impact Logging (RIL) practices instead of conventional logging practices.
Increase forest plantations Increase the use of wood from highly productive wood plantations instead of wood from (semi-) natural forests.