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Subject: History Database of the Global Environment

HYDE includes both general topics such as land use, population, livestock, gross domestic product (along with value added generated in industry and the service sector), and specific data on energy, the economy, atmosphere, oceans and the terrestrial environment.

The current HYDE version 3.1 is an updated and internally consistent combination of historical population estimates and improved allocation algorithms with time-dependent weighting maps for cropland and grassland are implemented, while the period covered now is extended from 10 000 BC to AD 2000. An important contribution of HYDE is that numerous historical data on population, built-up area, cropland and pasture of varying quantity and quality have been collected and streamlined into a consistent data base. With the population data from the United Nations World Population Prospects as a start (supplemented with many other historical population data sources), it serves as a central backbone for the land use part as well. Here, the data of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) form the basis, and combined with many other land use data sources and the population data base, it resulted in a long term consistent population and land use data base on a high resolution 5 arc-minutes grid.
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Developed by: PBL
External link: http://www.pbl.nl/hyde
References: Klein Goldewijk et al., 2011Klein Goldewijk et al., 2010Klein Goldewijk and Verburg, 2013

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