IMAGE framework/Organisational set-up and scientific quality

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Organisational set-up and scientific quality

Network strategy

The IMAGE team at PBL (and predecessors RIVM and MNP) works in close collaboration with institutes and universities in the Netherlands and other countries to develop and apply the IMAGE framework. PBL coordinates and integrates IMAGE development, and works in a network to ensure scientific excellence, and to extend expertise for IMAGE beyond the resources available at PBL.

As a result of the network strategy, several expert models have been incorporated to improve and extend the IMAGE framework. For instance, the MAGNET model has been included as the agro-economic model, GLOBIO as the biodiversity model, LPJmL as the crop, carbon, and hydrology model, and CLUMondo as the land-use dynamics model.

IMAGE Advisory board

To ensure scientific quality, the IMAGE framework is subject to external review. The IMAGE Advisory Board reviews each new release of the IMAGE model on scientific rigor and quality of the methods and data, and advises on strategic directions for further model development.