Nutrition and diet (Food)

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Interpretation of theme: A process in animals and plants involving the intake of nutrient materials and their subsequent assimilation into the tissues.
Is item of theme: Food

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Nutrition and diet (Food) associations

Policy themes are used to classify Key policy issues and policy interventions. The tables below contain the issues and interventions associated with theme item Nutrition and diet (Food).

Associated Key policy issues and their components

Land and biodiversity policies How can changes in consumption patterns contribute to achieving sustainability goals through changes in land use?
Land-use allocation How will changes in agricultural demand and trade affect future land-use patterns?
Livestock systems What are the impacts of increasing livestock production on land use, greenhouse gases and other emissions to air and surface water?

Associated policy interventions, their components and the affected components

Policy interventionDescriptionImplemented inAffects component
Changes in consumption and diet preferences Interventions that target consumption changes or changes in dietary preferences