Other energy (Energy)

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Is item of theme: Energy

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Other energy (Energy) associations

Policy themes are used to classify Key policy issues and policy interventions. The tables below contain the issues and interventions associated with theme item Other energy (Energy).

Associated Key policy issues and their components

Energy conversion What are the potential roles of individual technologies, such as carbon capture and storage (CCS), nuclear power, hydrogen and renewable energy?
Energy conversion What is the potential role of energy conversion sector, particularly in power production, in achieving a more sustainable energy system?
Energy supply and demand How can energy supply and demand become more sustainable, balancing human development, security of supply, and concerns about climate change and air pollution?
Energy supply and demand What transitions in the energy system would meet long-term climate goals?
Energy supply and demand How are these strategies affected by uncertainties in the energy system?

Associated policy interventions, their components and the affected components

Policy interventionDescriptionImplemented inAffects component
Hydropower Construction of dams and reservoirs in rivers
Implementation of biofuel targets Policies to enhance the use of biofuels, especially in the transport sector. In the Agricultural economy component only 'first generation' crops are taken into account. The policy is implemented as a budget-neutral policy from government perspective, e.g. a subsidy is implemented to achieve a certain share of biofuels in fuel production and an end-user tax is applied to counterfinance the implemented subsidy.