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Flowchart for the classification of natural land cover types (biomes) based on of plant functional types

Caption: Natural land cover type (biome) classification from area shares of individual Plant Functional Types (PFT)s (expresses as foliage projected cover, FPC) and mean annual temperature (Tmean). Subscripts of FPC refer to individual PFTs (1: tropical broadleaved evergreen, 2: tropical broadleaved raingreen, 3: temperate needleleaved evergreen, 4: temperate broadleaved evergreen, 5: temperate broadleaved summergreen, 6: boreal summergreen, 7: boreal needleleaved evergreen, 8: C3 herbaceous, 9: C4 herbaceous), tropical PFTs (“trop”) are PFTs 1 and 2, temperate PFTs (“temp”) are PFTs 3-5, boreal PFTS (“bor”) are PFTs 6 and 7, tree PFTs (“tree”) are PFTs 1-7, grass PFTs are PFTs 8 and 9.

Figure is used on page(s): Plant functional types and natural land cover types

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