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This is a property of type Page. The allowed value for this property is:

  • GHG emissions (Climate)
  • Climate change (Climate)
  • Climate impacts (Climate)
  • Climate mitigation (Climate)
  • Climate adaptation (Climate)
  • Other climate (Climate)
  • Air quality (Air pollution)
  • BC-OC emissions (Air pollution)
  • Other air pollution (Air pollution)
  • Food demand (Food)
  • Trade (Food)
  • Crop production (Food)
  • Animal husbandry (Food)
  • Nutrition and diet (Food)
  • Other food (Food)
  • Terrestrial biodiversity (NB)
  • Aquatic biodiversity (NB)
  • Land cover (NB)
  • Eco goods and services (NB)
  • Other nature and biodiversity (NB)
  • Agricultural land use (Land use)
  • Natural vegetation (Land use)
  • Degradation (Land use)
  • Forestry (Land use)
  • Land use system (Land use)
  • Other land use (Land use)
  • Resources (Energy)
  • Energy demand (Energy)
  • Energy emissions (Energy)
  • Energy system (Energy)
  • Other energy (Energy)
  • Irrigation (Water)
  • Water stress (Water)
  • Precipitation (Water)
  • Access to drinking water (Water)
  • Water quality (Water)
  • Flood risk (Water)
  • Other water (Water)
  • Human development (HD)

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Agricultural trade policies +Agricultural land use (Land use)  +, Trade (Food)  +
Apply emission and energy intensity standards +Energy demand (Energy)  +, Energy emissions (Energy)  +, Energy system (Energy)  +,
Change in grazing intensity +Agricultural land use (Land use)  +, Land use system (Land use)  +, Natural vegetation (Land use)  +,
Changes in consumption and diet preferences +Agricultural land use (Land use)  +, Nutrition and diet (Food)  +, GHG emissions (Climate)  +,
Energy tax or subsidiy +Energy emissions (Energy)  +, Energy system (Energy)  +, Air quality (Air pollution)  +,
Enlarge protected areas +Terrestrial biodiversity (NB)  +, Agricultural land use (Land use)  +, Other land use (Land use)  +,
Expanding Reduced Impact Logging +Forestry (Land use)  +
Financing climate policy +Other climate (Climate)  +
Hydropower +Other energy (Energy)  +
Implementation of biofuel targets +Energy system (Energy)  +, Other energy (Energy)  +, Energy demand (Energy)  +,
Implementation of land use planning +Agricultural land use (Land use)  +, Other land use (Land use)  +
Implementation of sustainability criteria in bio-energy production +Energy demand (Energy)  +, Agricultural land use (Land use)  +, Degradation (Land use)  +,
Improved irrigation efficiency +Irrigation (Water)  +
Improved rainwater management +Precipitation (Water)  +, Crop production (Food)  +
Improvement of feed conversion +Agricultural land use (Land use)  +, Animal husbandry (Food)  +
Increase forest plantations +Forestry (Land use)  +, Other land use (Land use)  +, Terrestrial biodiversity (NB)  +
Increased livestock productivity +Agricultural land use (Land use)  +, Animal husbandry (Food)  +
Increased storage capacity +Flood risk (Water)  +, Irrigation (Water)  +
Intensification/extensification of livestock systems +Animal husbandry (Food)  +
PQ1 (AB) +Land cover (NB)  +, Water quality (Water)  +, Aquatic biodiversity (NB)  +
PQ1 (ACC) +Climate change (Climate)  +
PQ1 (AEF) +Agricultural land use (Land use)  +, Land use system (Land use)  +
PQ1 (APEP) +Energy demand (Energy)  +, Air quality (Air pollution)  +, Climate mitigation (Climate)  +
PQ1 (AS) +Nutrition and diet (Food)  +, Trade (Food)  +
PQ1 (CG) +Crop production (Food)  +, Climate impacts (Climate)  +