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ADVANCE publications +ADVANCE publications  +
AGECC, 2010 +Energy for a sustainable future. Summary report and recommendations  +
Ackah et al., 2009 +A new dataset on global income distribution  +
Admiraal et al., 2016 +Costs and benefits of differences in the timing of greenhouse gas emission reductions  +
AgMIP, 2014 +Special issue (AgMIP)  +
Agricultural economy +Agricultural economy  +
Agriculture and land use +Agriculture and land use  +
Alcamo and Kreileman, 1996 +Emission scenarios and global climate protection  +
Alcamo et al., 1994a +Modeling the global society-biosphere-climate system: Part 1: Model description and testing  +
Alcamo et al., 1994b +Modeling the global society-biosphere-climate system: Part 2: Computed scenarios  +
Alcamo et al., 1995a +Stabilizing greenhouse gases: Global and regional consequences  +
Alcamo et al., 1995b +Overview of IMAGE 2.0: An integrated model of climate change and the global environment  +
Alcamo et al., 1995c +An integrated analysis of sulfur emissions, acid deposition and climate change  +
Alcamo et al., 1996a +Global models meet global policy  +
Alcamo et al., 1996b +Baseline scenarios of global environmental change  +
Alcamo et al., 1998 +Global change scenarios of the 21st century, results from the IMAGE 2.1 model  +
Alcamo et al., 2002 +An integrated assessment of regional air pollution and climate change in Europe: Findings of the AIR-CLIM project  +
Alcamo et al., 2003 +Development and testing of the Water. GAP 2 global model of water use and availability  +
Alcamo et al., 2005 +Changes in nature's balance sheet: Model-based estimates of future worldwide ecosystem services  +
Alcamo, 1994 +IMAGE 2.0 Integrated Modelling of Global Climate Change  +
Alder et al., 2007 +Ecosystem-based global fishing policy scenarios  +
Alexander et al., 2017 +Assessing uncertainties in land cover projections  +
Alexandratos and Bruinsma, 2012 +World agriculture towards 2030/2050: the 2012 revision  +
Alkemade et al., 2006 +Cross-roads of planet earth's life. Exploring means to meet the 2010-biodiversity target  +
Alkemade et al., 2009 +GLOBIO3: A framework to investigate options for reducing global terrestrial biodiversity loss  +