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Baseline figure Agricultural economy +Baseline figure Agricultural economy  +
Baseline figure Air pollution and energy policies +Baseline figure Air pollution and energy policies  +
Baseline figure Aquatic biodiversity +Baseline figure Aquatic biodiversity  +
Baseline figure Atmospheric composition and climate +Baseline figure Atmospheric composition and climate  +
Baseline figure Carbon cycle and natural vegetation +Baseline figure Carbon cycle and natural vegetation  +
Baseline figure Climate policy +Baseline figure Climate policy  +
Baseline figure Crops and grass +Baseline figure Crops and grass  +
Baseline figure Drivers +Baseline figure Drivers  +
Baseline figure Ecosystem services +Baseline figure Ecosystem services  +
Baseline figure Emissions +Baseline figure Emissions  +
Baseline figure Energy conversion +Baseline figure Energy conversion  +
Baseline figure Energy demand +Baseline figure Energy demand  +
Baseline figure Energy supply +Baseline figure Energy supply  +
Baseline figure Flood risks +Baseline figure Flood risks  +
Baseline figure Forest management +Baseline figure Forest management  +
Baseline figure Human development +Baseline figure Human development  +
Baseline figure IMAGE framework introduction +Baseline figure IMAGE framework introduction  +
Baseline figure Land degradation +Baseline figure Land degradation  +
Baseline figure Land-use allocation +Baseline figure Land-use allocation  +
Baseline figure Livestock systems +Baseline figure Livestock systems  +
Baseline figure Nutrients +Baseline figure Nutrients  +
Baseline figure Terrestrial biodiversity +Baseline figure Terrestrial biodiversity  +
Baseline figure Water +Baseline figure Water  +
Baseline figure Water II +Baseline figure Water II  +
Big Flowchart +Big Flowchart  +