Dataflow overview - state components

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Graphical dataflow overview of state components.

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Actual crop and grass production - gridNutrientsCrops and grassCrop irrigation water demand - gridIrrigation water consumption - gridPotential bioenergy yield - gridPotential crop and grass yield - gridRainwater consumption - gridAtmospheric composition and climateCO2 concentrationCloudiness - gridGlobal mean temperatureNon-CO2 GHG concentrationsNumber of wet days - gridOcean carbon uptakePrecipitation - gridRadiative forcingTemperature - gridNEP (net ecosystem production) - gridCarbon cycle and natural vegetationSO2 emissionsCO and NMVOC emissionsBC OC and NOx emissionsNon-CO2 GHG emissions (CH4 N2O and Halocarbons)CO2 emission from energy and industryLand-use CO2 emissions - gridCarbon pools in soil and timber - gridCarbon pools in vegetation - gridNPP (net primary production) - gridPotential natural vegetation - gridSoil respiration - gridTimber use fractionLand cover land use - gridIrrigation water supply - gridForest management type - gridChange in soil properties - gridManagement intensity cropsN and P discharge to surface water - gridN and P in wastewater discharge - gridNH3 emissions - gridSoil N budget - gridSoil P budget - gridPopulation - gridGDP per capita - gridAnimal stocksLivestock rationsManure spreading fractionNitrogen deposition - gridProduction system mixFertiliser use efficiencyThis is a graph with borders and nodes that may contain hyperlinks.
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