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For each package you can choose either a 64bit or a 32bit version depending on your type of computer system. The 64-bit version is preferable to the 32-bit version.


USS_IMAGE3.0 is available in zip format (only 64bit version). Extract the zip to a suitable location (writable) on your system.

USS3.0 for SSP2 scenarios

USS_IMAGE2.2 is available in zip format (client) containing the folders with the files or wrapped in a (zipped) installation.exe (setup). USS2.4-5 is only available as zipped client. Both lead to an identical setup. Extract the zip to a suitable location (writable) on your system. In case of setup run the executable.

USS2.2 for Millennium Assessment (MA) and IPCC SRES.

USS2.4-2.5 for OECD Environmental Outlook, Roads from Rio+20 and EU Resource efficiency.

The viewer provides access to the IMAGE scenario data on projects. Scenario data are stored on the PBL server. To obtain and use the data, please follow the instructions below.


USS manual offers a comprehensive user guide to the USS


The Creative Commons (BY) licence generally applies to the contents of this website and data. See copyright statement on the PBL website.

How to install the viewer

The zipfile needs to be unzipped onto your system. Use the shortcuts start_<projectname>_viewer to start the viewer. The start view will pop up together with a browser window with the Help-pages. The Help function starts with the How to page, which contains a short manual on how to use the viewer.

The file USS22_setup_32bit.exe/USS22_setup_64bit.exe installs all files onto your system.