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|DriverGroup=Energy resources
|DriverGroup=Energy resources
|Source=Rogner, 1997; Mulders, 2006

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Label: Energy resources
Description: Determines depletion dynamics. Described in volume per carrier, region and supply cost class
Dimensions: time, region, energy carrier
Variable type: driver
Driver group: Energy resources
Source: Rogner, 1997; Mulders, 2006

Drivers are described in the Drivers component.
Variable is input of model component(s):
Energy resourcesEnergy supplyEnergy supply and demandThis is a graph with borders and nodes that may contain hyperlinks.
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"Energy resources" is not in the list (Population projections, Economic development, Trade regimes, tariffs and barriers, Environmental and other policies, Technological change in the energy system, Technological change in agriculture and forestry, Lifestyle parameters, Energy and land resources) of allowed values for the "DriverGroup" property.