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\sin A \cos B &= \frac{1}{2}\left[ \sin(A-B)+\sin(A+B) \right]
        \frac{d}{dx}\left( \int_{0}^{x} f(u)\,du\right)=f(x).

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Failed to parse (syntax error): {\displaystyle \[ \frac{d}{dx}\left( \int_{0}^{x} f(u)\,du\right)=f(x). \] }

Biofuel policyPolicies to foster the use of biofuels in transport, such as financial incentives and biofuel mandates and obligations.driver
GDP per capitaGross Domestic Product per capita, measured as the market value of all goods and services produced in a region in a year, and is used in the IMAGE framework as a generic indicator of economic activity.driver
PopulationNumber of people per region.driver
Capital supplyCapital available to replace depreciated stock and expand the stock to support economic growth.driver
Technological change (crops and livestocks)Increase in productivity in crop production (yield/ha) and livestock production (carcass weight, offtake rate).driver
Labour supplyEffective supply of labour input to support economic activities, taking into account the participation rate of age cohorts.driver
Trade policyAssumed changes in market and non-market instruments that influence trade flows, subject to WTO rules and country and region regulation.driver
Land supplyAvailable land for agriculture, per grid or region, depending on suitability for crops, and excluding unsuitable areas such as steep slopes, wetlands and protected areas.model (from/to model)Land cover and land use
Potential crop and grass yield - gridPotential crop and grass yield, changing over time due to climate change and possibly soil degradation. In some components, i.e. 'Agricultural economy' regional aggregations of the dataset which depend on the actual land-use area, are used.model (from/to model)Crops and grass

Changed regarding version 3.0 is the way we ........

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