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Theme Climate

Climate adaptation (Climate);Climate change (Climate);Climate impacts (Climate);Climate mitigation (Climate);GHG emissions (Climate);Other climate (Climate)

Theme Air pollution

Air quality (Air pollution);BC-OC emissions (Air pollution);Other air pollution (Air pollution)

Theme Food

Animal husbandry (Food);Crop production (Food);Food demand (Food);Nutrition and diet (Food);Other food (Food);Trade (Food)

Theme Nature and biodiversity

Aquatic biodiversity (NB);Eco goods and services (NB);Land cover (NB);Other nature and biodiversity (NB);Terrestrial biodiversity (NB)

Theme Land use

Agricultural land use (Land use);Degradation (Land use);Forestry (Land use);Land use system (Land use);Natural vegetation (Land use);Other land use (Land use)

Theme Energy

Energy demand (Energy);Energy emissions (Energy);Energy system (Energy);Other energy (Energy);Resources (Energy)

Theme Water

Access to drinking water (Water);Flood risk (Water);Irrigation (Water);Other water (Water);Precipitation (Water);Water quality (Water);Water stress (Water)

Theme Human development

Human development (HD)

Query with chain:

TIMER 3.0 archive.pdf, IMAGE land management 3.0 archive.pdf

footnote[1] Hoe werkt dat hier?

 2     def open_stdout_file(self, prefix): 
 3         try:
 4             fn = prefix + self._metavar.variable + ".txt"              
 5             fp = os.path.join(self._pp_logdir,"stdout", fn)
 6             stdout_file = open(fp,"w")
 7             return stdout_file
 9         except Exception:
10             raise

dit is de editor functie working

de parameter voor de url = veaction=edit...


  1. Hier staat de footnote text