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IMAGE 3 Documentation

IMAGE is an Integrated Model to Assess the Global Environment.

The IMAGE model is developed by the IMAGE team under the authority of the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL).

What is IMAGE ?

IMAGE is an ecological-environmental framework that simulates the environmental consequences of human activities worldwide. It represents interactions between society, the biosphere and the climate system to assess sustainability issues like climate change, biodiversity and human well-being. The objective of the version of IMAGE described here (version 3.0 released in 2013) is to explore the long-term dynamics and impacts of global change as the result of interacting demographic, technological, economic, social, cultural and political factors.

This website is your companion to the IMAGE 3.0 book. Continue with one of the following components according to your interest:

  • Overview
  • Policy Relvance
  • Model Structure
  • Outlook

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