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params: all reference parameters to set the reference related properties and create the formatted reference string

Assumption : There is always an Author, PublicationYear and Title

Below the templates as used in the IMAGEbook endnote library, (needs update)

  • report: Author (Year). Title, Series Editor` (ed.)^(eds.),` Series Title|, Institution, Publisher, Place Published| `( ``URL:` URL) `(DOI`: DOI`)` |.
  • Book: Author (Year). Title| Series Title|. Publisher, Place Published, URL|.
  • Book section: Author (Year). Title|. `In`: Editor` (ed.)^(eds.)`, Book Title|. Publisher, Place Published, `pp.` Pages, URL|.
  • Edited book: Editor` (ed.)^(eds.) ` (Year). Title|. Series Title, Series Editor, Publisher, Place Published, URL|.
  • Journal article: Author (Year). Title. Journal| Volume|( Issue )|,` pp.` Pages `(DOI`: DOI)|.
  • Conference proceedings: Author (Year). Title. `Paper presented at the`ConferenceName| Volume|,` pp.` Pages `(DOI`: DOI)
  • Other: Fields , separated with commas: Editor, SeriesTitle, Publisher, City, Volume, Pages, DOI, Date