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Explanation for the introduction page:

  • Infobox part: The information you enter in the fields 'Project/Applications' to 'Main Publications' will appear in the infobox of this introduction page and the other main pages of this component. References will also appear in the infoboxes but these are page specific.
  • Variable part: Input, output and external parameters will be displayed on the introduction page with additional information.
  • Textual part: Start with filling out the textual introduction and add data for the infobox fields on the fly.

The main pages of the component, listed at the bottom of the introduction page, will be created when you click the links. You can fill in the content for these pages in their form.

Please separate items in the form with a semi-colon (;)
-Infobox part-
Refer to projects/applications that are exemplary for this component. See Special:BrowseData/Application for all projects.
List at least the related components that generates the input for this component and the related components that uses the output of this component. See Framework overview.
Related IMAGE components:
If you mention models/databases in your text, include them in the infobox. See Special:BrowseData/Computer_Model for a list of models.
Mention one or two key publications containing a detailed description of the model here. See Special:BrowseData/Reference for a list or All references table overview.
Main Publications:
Include other references that occur in the text of this page. See Special:BrowseData/Reference for a list or All references table overview.
-Variable part-
List variables by using the auto completion. All variables are included in the system, see Variable overview. If not, contact the gardener.
Input variables:
External parameters are mostly model input data.
Output variables: