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Computer models are classified in: core, associated, related and other used external models/data sources.

  • Core IMAGE models generate feedback for other core models
  • Associated models are part of the IMAGE framework and use IMAGE model variables (no feedback)
  • Related models are not part of the IMAGE framework, but may be included in the framework
  • External models/data sources are used for data only

Computer models and data sources

Use a key phrase as subject, e.g. Vegetation or Human development.
Give a short description of model or data source.
Organisation that developes /maintains the model or data source, e.g. PBL or OECD. Use the abbreviation, if possible.
Link to the website of this model or data source, if any.
Useful references to learn more about the model or data source.
Distance relation to the IMAGE framework (mandatory).
The model components of the IMAGE framework that are implemented by this computer model
Model version overview: