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Graphical dataflow overview of impact components.

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Access to drinking water and sanitationHuman developmentChild mortalityChild underweightDALYs (disability-adjusted life years)HDI (human development index)Life expectancyPeople living on less then USD 1.25 per dayPrevalence of undernourishmentAlgal blooms in lakesAquatic biodiversityAquatic MSA - gridLand cover land use - gridFlood risksLand degradationTerrestrial biodiversityN and P discharge to surface water - gridRiver discharge - gridEcosystem servicesCarbon sequestration - gridFlood protection - gridFood availability including fish and wild foodPollination - gridPresence of natural pest control - gridReduced erosion risk - gridSuitability for nature-based tourism - gridWater availability - gridChange in soil properties - gridErosion risk - gridPrecipitation - gridTemperature - gridLivestock productionProtected area - gridOcean carbon uptakeNEP (net ecosystem production) - gridCrop productionLand use and land-use intensity - gridGDP per capita - gridNumber of wet days - gridCloudiness - gridStatistics on inundation depth - gridExpected nr of affected people - gridExpected value of affected GDP - gridStatistics of inundation extent - gridStatistics on river discharge - gridPopulation - gridFood availability per capitaGINI coefficientGDP per capitaPeople dependent on solid fuelUrban population fractionBC OC and NOx emissionsSO2 emissionsMSA (mean species abundance) - gridSRI (species richness index) - gridWilderness area - gridManagement intensity cropsManagement intensity livestockNitrogen deposition - gridGlobal mean temperatureThis is a graph with borders and nodes that may contain hyperlinks.
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