Traditional biomass from non-forest land

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Label: Fraction from non-forested land
Short description: Fraction of traditional fuelwood from non-forestry sources like orchard, assumed to be 50% (low-income countries) and 68% (middle-income countries)
Description: Part of the global energy demand is met by fuel wood, depending on the world region. For the developed regions, it is assumed in IMAGE that fuel wood is produced on a large scale and, therefore all fuel wood demand is added to timber demand. In the transitional regions as well as in the developing regions, smaller fractions of the fuel wood demand are assumed to be met from forestry operations: 50% and 32%.
Variable type: external parameter
Source: FAO
Reference: assumptions based on FAO, 2001; FAO, 2008

External parameter is input of model component(s):
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fracties moeten dus net andersom dan in de lange beschrijving, als het echt gaat om fraction from non-forested land.