Agricultural trade policies

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Description: Changes in agricultural trade policies are applied to the corresponding quota (export or import quota) or border taxes.
Reference: Verburg et al., 2009;
Is implemented in: Agricultural economy
Associated theme items: Agricultural land use (Land use)Trade (Food)

Effects of this policy intervention on components

Component: Agricultural economy
Effect : Impact of this policy intervention is a change in trade between regions, and consequently a change in production within a region for the different crop and livestock sectors.

Component: Land-use allocation
Effect : Due to changed production in agricultural commodities, land use for agriculture within a region will change.

Component: Terrestrial biodiversity
Effect :

Component: Ecosystem services
Effect : Change in land use for agriculture, will also result in a change in nature and thereby influence the ES dependent on nature (e.g. erosion and flood protection, pest control and pollination). Large agricultural areas negatively influence the ES "nature based tourism", therefore change in agricultural land use will influence the ES "nature based tourism".