Beyond 2015 (2009) project

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Application type: 1. Global integrated assessment
Role of IMAGE framework: The GISMO model is used to make a comprehensive and consistent assessment of long-term (2015 and 2030) development dynamics and the implications for MDG achievement. MDGs analysed include poverty and inequality, education, access to food, water and energy, and child mortality, as well as the role of the environment.
Summary: More than a billion people live in poverty, without adequate food, safe drinking water or clean energy. Aimed at providing basic quality of life, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are leading on the agenda for development policies. Although substantial progress has been made over the last 15 year, the report shows this to be insufficient for achieving all goals in all regions by 2015. Many of the goals will not even be achieved by 2030. Reducing child mortality by two-thirds seems to be the most difficult target, requiring substantial additional policy efforts.
Key publication(s): PBL, 2009
Referred by: Human development