Change in grazing intensity

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Description: Change in grazing intensity, usually more intensive. This would require better management of grasslands, including for example the use of grass-clover mixtures and fertilisers, bringing the length of the grazing season in tune with the period of grass production, and rotations.
Is implemented in: Land-use allocation
Associated theme items: Agricultural land use (Land use)Land use system (Land use)Natural vegetation (Land use)Animal husbandry (Food)

Associated policy response component

Component: Land and biodiversity policies
Page: Land and biodiversity policies/Agricultural production system

Effects of this policy intervention on components

Component: Land-use allocation
Effect : More intensive grassland management decrease the area needed for grassland, while producing the same amount of grass and/or feeding the same size of livestock.

Component: Livestock systems
Effect : Increasing grazing intensity has no consequences for the livestock if not combined with introduction of better breeds

Component: Terrestrial biodiversity
Effect : Effects biodiversity in two ways: less grazing areas decrease the impact on habitats, while more intensive management or increased grazing intensity icnreases the pressures on biodiversity of the remaining areas.