Improved rainwater management

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Description: Improved rainwater management assumes a decrease in the evaporative losses from rainfed agriculture and the creation of small scale reservoirs to harvest rainwater during the wet period and use it during a dryer period. Both measures lead to more efficient use of water and increased yields on rainfed fields.
Reference: Rost et al., 2009;
Is implemented in: Water
Associated theme items: Precipitation (Water)Crop production (Food)

Associated policy response component

Component: Land and biodiversity policies
Page: Land and biodiversity policies/Agricultural production system

Effects of this policy intervention on components

Component: Water
Effect : Improved rainwater management will lead to more efficient use of rainwater over the year and therefore a better fullfillment of crop water requirements. Further it will lead to more efficient use of the soil moisture because of a decrease in evaporative losses from bare soil. Both measures lead to increased yields of rainfed agriculture.