More sustainable forest management

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Description: Sustainable forest management aims for maintaining long-term harvest potential and good ecological status of forests (e.g. the nutrient balance and biodiversity). This can be implemented by (i) enlarging the return period when a forest can be harvested again; (ii) only using certain fractions of the harvested biomass and leave the remaining part in the forests.
Is implemented in: Forest management

Associated policy response component

Component: Land and biodiversity policies
Page: Land and biodiversity policies/Forestry sector

Effects of this policy intervention on components

Component: Forest management
Effect : Because forests might supply less timber, more sustainable forest management lead to more forests to be used throughout the world (assuming no change in demand).

Component: Carbon cycle and natural vegetation
Effect : Sustainable forest management has an effect on the C storage in vegetation and soil of forests, and it enhances the net CO2 uptake by the forests (as degradation is avoided).