Implementation of sustainability criteria in bio-energy production

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Description: Sustainability criteria that could become binding for dedicated bio-energy production, such as the restrictive use of water-scarce or degraded areas.
Is implemented in: Energy supply, Land cover and land use

Associated policy response component

Component: Air pollution and energy policies
Page: Air pollution and energy policies/Policy issues
Component: Land and biodiversity policies
Page: Land and biodiversity policies/Agricultural demand
Component: Land and biodiversity policies
Page: Land and biodiversity policies/Forestry sector

Effects of this policy intervention on components

Component: Energy supply
Effect : Application of sustainability criteria for bio-energy production, reduces the areas potentially suitable for the cultivation of bio-energy crops, and consequently the marginal costs of bio-energy use.

Component: Terrestrial biodiversity
Effect : Sustainability criteria limit the use of land for bio-energy cultivation and therefore reduce pressures on biodiversity from climate policies (via bio-energy production).

Component: Emissions
Effect :