Policy responses

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Composition of Policy responses

  1. Air pollution and energy policies
  2. Climate policy
  3. Land and biodiversity policies
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Description of Policy responses

The IMAGE model can be used to analyse a range of policy measures. The most important policy domains covered by IMAGE are climate policy, energy policy, and land and biodiversity policies. For these key domains, the Policy responses parts discuss the type of policies and measures that can be analysed and how policy responses impact different parts of the IMAGE model. Clearly, the IMAGE framework can also be used to analyse other policy domains, such as human development, nutrients balances or water scarcity. For these topics, information on policy responses can be found in the relevant sections. Finally, it should be noted that for climate policy the IMAGE framework uses a separate model called FAIR (Component Climate policy), while for Energy policy (Component Air pollution and energy policies) and for Land and biodiversity policies (Component Land and biodiversity policies), the relevant policy interventions are implemented in various IMAGE components.