REDD policies

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Description: The objective of REDD policies it to reduce land-use related emissions by protecting existing forests in the world; The implementation of REDD includes also costs of policies.
Reference: Overmars et al., 2012;
Is implemented in: Agricultural economy
Associated theme items: Climate mitigation (Climate)

Associated policy response component

Component: Land and biodiversity policies
Page: Land and biodiversity policies/Land-use regulation

Effects of this policy intervention on components

Component: Agricultural economy
Effect : Increases the cost for land expansion in certain regions, favouring the use of other external inputs to increase production.

Component: Emissions
Effect : Less emissions due to deforestation and land-use change.

Component: Carbon cycle and natural vegetation
Effect : REDD measures can substantially reduce the pressure on forests. This increases the extent of natural forests, and the net CO2 uptake and C pools of forests.