Global Land Outlook 1

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Application type: 1. Global integrated assessment
Summary: The PBL-study explores how various demands on land are expected to change under alternative future developments up to 2050, how that will affect the challenges facing global sustainability ambitions, and the extent to which land degradation may exacerbate these challenges. It provides policymakers with quantitative information on the order of magnitude of future change to the land system, and may support the debate on policy priorities and interventions.
Key publication(s): Van der Esch et al., 2017
Referred by: Agricultural economy, Land cover and land use, Land degradation, Land-use allocation

Three scenarios reveal the scope of potential future changes in land use up to 2050. The three scenarios each assume a different path along which the world may develop over the coming decades. The SSP2 scenario assumes a continuation of current trends in population, economic development and technology. The SSP1 scenario assumes lower population growth, higher economic growth and an emphasis on environmental protection and international cooperation. The SSP3 scenario assumes high population growth, lower economic growth, and less technological change, environmental protection and international cooperation.