IMAGE land management model version overview

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Overview of all versions of IMAGE land use model and changes in IMAGE 3 framework

Versions of IMAGE land management model

IMAGE land management 3.2 Short description
IMAGE land management 3.0.1 Model version as used for the implementation of the SSP scenarios

Model component: Land-use allocation
The empirical allocation approach is now described as the default model setting, and the possible coupling to CLUEMondo is included as a very specific, additional option.

Model component: Land-use allocation
The allocation of new irrigated area is slightly updated, and described.

Model component: Forest management
Forest management, and the uncertainties in this module are now described in more detail.

IMAGE land management 3.0 Initial version of IMAGE 3 framework

Documentation of model components

Versionlink to model component pages
IMAGE land management 3.2
(latest version)
IMAGE land management 3.0.1
(previous version)
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IMAGE land management 3.0
(previous version)

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