Shared Socioeconomic Pathways - SSP (2014) project

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Application type: 2. Topical or sectoral assessment
Role of IMAGE framework: Building on the RCP work, integrated assessment models including IMAGE are being used in developing Shared Socio-Economic Reference Pathways (SSPs) together with the RCPs as the backbone of a new generation of scenarios for climate change research.
Summary: Shared Socioeconomic Pathways (SSPs) define five possible paths that human societies could follow over the next century. The pathways are part of a new cooperative research framework that is expected to improve interdisciplinary analysis and assessment of climate change, its impacts, and the options societies have for mitigation and adaptation.
Partner(s): IIASA
Key publication(s): Moss et al., 2010, Van Vuuren et al., 2012, Van Vuuren et al., 2017b
Referred by: Agricultural economy, Drivers, Emissions, Forest management, Land cover and land use, Nutrients