TIMER 3.0.1

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Version of Model: TIMER model
Version number: 3.0.1
Current version: No
Description: Model version as used for the implementation of the SSP scenarios

Changes compared to previous version:

Change: The model has been recalibrated using information of EDGAR database and the GAINS database
Involved component(s): Emissions

Change: Bio-energy: new bio-energy crop (grassy biomass) has been added and more detailed modeled to derive the potential for residues.
Involved component(s): Energy supply

Change: The model describing demand for non-energy use of fossil fuels and biomass has been improved.
Involved component(s): Energy demand

Change: The electric power model has been significantly improved to better describe the penetration of intermittent technologies vis-à-vis reliability and load constraints.
Involved component(s): Energy conversion

Change: Concentrated solar power and wind power in coastal seas have been added as additional technologies.
Involved component(s): Energy conversion

Change: The transport model has been updated with new information on the performance of different technologies.
Involved component(s): Energy demand

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