TIMER model version overview

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Overview of all timer versions and their change path

Versions of TIMER model

TIMER 3.2 Short note on this version
TIMER 3.0.1 Model version as used for the implementation of the SSP scenarios

Model component: Energy supply
Bio-energy: new bio-energy crop (grassy biomass) has been added and more detailed modeled to derive the potential for residues.

Model component: Energy conversion
The electric power model has been significantly improved to better describe the penetration of intermittent technologies vis-à-vis reliability and load constraints.

Model component: Energy conversion
Concentrated solar power and wind power in coastal seas have been added as additional technologies.

Model component: Energy demand
The transport model has been updated with new information on the performance of different technologies.

Model component: Energy demand
The model describing demand for non-energy use of fossil fuels and biomass has been improved.

Model component: Emissions
The model has been recalibrated using information of EDGAR database and the GAINS database

TIMER 3.0 Initial version of IMAGE 3.0 framework

Documentation of model components

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TIMER 3.0.1
(previous version)
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