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This page contains some guidelines, tips and tricks to work in this wiki. You can do what you want in this wiki, there are not many restrictions. However to make the wiki a useful tool in our work process some guidelines might help.

Create a new page

A new page is created by entering a url in the address field of the browser after the index.php/ part. Think of a meaningful name and have a look on the naming convention manual. After you enter the url, you get the option to create the page. ....Some text about create tabs

Editorial guidelines

It is nice for the user to read a text with structure. So think of an outline, use headings and the header hierarchy to layout the text. Using headers will generate a 'table of contents' after a certain amount of headers.


Give your page a image project wiki context. 'Edit with form' on top of the page activates a form where you can tag your page.The tagging manual tells you how to tag.

Heading for tools

Tools have some common properties. Start a manual for a tool with the following components:

Working with visual editor

This wiki comes with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, the Visual Editor (VE). Every page has 3 tabs on top: 1) edit with form, which will activate the tag form; 2) edit, which will open the VE; and 3) edit source, which will open the wiki style editor. Most textual editing can be done in the VE. There is an extended manual available on the web.

Page options


Create a link

Create a table

Insert a formula

Save and get back