GHG emissions (Climate)

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Interpretation of theme:
Is item of theme: Climate

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GHG emissions (Climate) associations

Policy themes are used to classify Key policy issues and policy interventions. The tables below contain the issues and interventions associated with theme item GHG emissions (Climate).

Associated Key policy issues and their components

Agricultural economy How can the implications of biofuels for land use and greenhouse gases be managed sustainably?
Atmospheric composition and climate To what extent would the various scenarios to significantly reduce net greenhouse gas emissions lead to a reduction in climate change?
Carbon cycle and natural vegetation What opportunities exist to reduce land-use related carbon emissions (e.g. REDD) and even enhance the carbon uptake through the establishment of new forests.
Carbon cycle and natural vegetation What is the role of the terrestrial biosphere in the global carbon cycle, how will it change in time as a result of climate and land-use change?
Carbon cycle and natural vegetation To what extent can the terrestrial biosphere contribute to reducing the accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere and what are viable mechanisms?
Carbon, vegetation, agriculture and water What is the role of the terrestrial biosphere in the global carbon cycle, how will it change in time as a result of climate and land-use change?
Climate policy What global greenhouse gas emissions pathways would meet the well below 2 °C climate target?
Climate policy What is the effect of effort-sharing approaches on regional and national emission reduction targets and on the cost of climate policies?
Crops and grass How could management improve agricultural productivity under current and future water constraints?
Emissions How will emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants develop in scenarios with and without policy interventions, such as climate policy and air pollution control?
Emissions What synergies between climate policy and air pollution control can be identified?
Forest management What are the implications of forest management for pristine and managed forest areas, and on biomass and carbon stocks and fluxes of relevance for climate policy?
Land and biodiversity policies How can land-use policies contribute to strategies for halting biodiversity loss and reducing greenhouse gas emissions?
Livestock systems What are the impacts of increasing livestock production on land use, greenhouse gases and other emissions to air and surface water?

Associated policy interventions, their components and the affected components

Policy interventionDescriptionImplemented inAffects component
Apply emission and energy intensity standards Apply emission intensity standards for e.g. cars (gCO2/km), power plants (gCO2/kWh) or appliances (kWh/hour).
Changes in consumption and diet preferences Interventions that target consumption changes or changes in dietary preferences
Energy tax or subsidiy Changing the prices through energy tax or subsidy for the various energy carriers influences the choice of technology and thus the level of emissions.